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First Post

It might be too much, but I have decided to do it: saving anything left in the world on Radio Malabar. I have been doing some blogging on this gigantic Radio in Bahasa Indonesia and in the process realized that the supporting data and external links here and there could vanish before someone even have the chance to see them. This is going to take a lot of me as I also maintain some other blogs and websites. So update might not be regular and at certain point in the future it could be no update at all as there are just all that. I hope I am wrong.
Radio station Malabar16

I also decided to write this in English for the sake of wider audience. It’s not only about Dutch people’s past creation or just another Indonesia’s historic building: It’s a monument of human effort to communicate accross the continent.
Thank you for visiting. Let me know what you think by filling the comment.

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