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General Description of RM

rmxFor the time being, I don’t like to make duplication of any content on RM in Internet, be it in different wording. That is with the exeption of photos and documents later in the future. Even when I put them here, I am gonna make sure that they would not just be like copy and paste without anything said about them. My reason is, I could not rely on their existence here in the virtual world. “A World of Wireless – Virtual Radio Museum” is one example. It is said to be officially closed in 2010.

So for the sake of general description of what RM is, I would point to these external links. As posting entries would stack this down to nowhere, I will copy them to the side bar. Some of them are :

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malabar,_Indonesia
    It’s almost always a sure place to start, but it has some innacuracy. It said nothing about Arc Poulsen as the first gear.
  2. http://www.cdvandt.org/dijkstra_-_malabar.htm
    A website on Klaas Dijkstra’s archive that has been put into a book. Dijkstra was an engineer who help Dr. de Groot when RM was first developed with Arc Poulsen transmitter.
  3. http://bit.ly/H0t0QU
    Pointers of RM Location on Google Maps and the surrounding location of interests.
  4. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Malabar_radio_station
    Picture collection of RM from Tropen Museum. I feel like commenting on each of the picture here later.

The rest of what available in Internet are mostly in Bahasa Indonesia. However, most of them are not original, in that from one site to another are almost the same content wise, or simply personal accounts on the trip to RM location. That is part my reason to do all this in English, while in doing so try to compile any available information in one place.

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