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In Context with The History of Wireless Tech

The books I refer in the previos entry were these :


Both of which don’t mention anything about Radio Malabar. Have I been assuming too much ? Could it be that Radio Malabar was only one of radio stations in the world using Arc Poulsen (and later Telefunken’s) Transmitter ? Was it really the biggest transmitter in the world ? Those are among the questions that someday I hope I could find the answer.

However, historically speaking, the books are important in term of that they could give a context of where we should place Radio Malabar in the development history of wireless communication. Hong’s is somewhat limited to the early years of twentieth century, while Sarkar’s et al. includes a chapter entitled “A Chronology of Development of Wireless Communication and Supporting Electronics”. Part of the chapter is “Some Crucial Events of Twentieth Century”; that’s about the time when Dr. C.J. de Groot went to Karlsruhe in 1906 to study “Electrical Engineering” until he built Radio Malabar in 1922 – 1923.

I am lucky to be able to get the part of the book from Google Books. I have saved the relevant part (from 1906 to 1923) here. This is not at all assuming that de Groot should have known all the development at that time. I suppose technical innovation from different parts of the world back then was not easily disseminated world-wide. Once again, it is for the purpose of putting Radio Malabar in context with the history of wireless (communication) technology.

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