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That Memorial Stone

One of the photos from Tropen Museum is about a memorial stone for its opening in 1923 :

De gedenksteen die geplaatst werd ter gelegenheid van de opening van het Gouvernements Radio Station Malabar door Gouverneur-Generaal D. Fock

It’s in Dutch of course. I try to translate it : (using Google Translate result as a reference)

On the 5th May 1923
Opened by :
Mr. Dirk Fock
Governor General of Nederland Indie
The Radio Station on The Malabar for the Public Traffic

This station was designed and built by :
Dr. Ir. Johannes Cornelis de Groot
on the Major Subdivision where under his Leadership
this Land was Built and for the First Time
the Mount Antenna, Devised by Him, was Made.

I am not sure if my translation to english is accurate, especially for the second part. I just make a guess of the sentence arrangement. However, we all should understand the meaning.

The stone was placed in the middle of the opening ceremony :

Na de officiële opening van het Gouvernements Radio Station Malabar drinken de aanwezigen, onder wie G.G. Fock, een glaasje

Anyone with fluency in Dutch, please help me for a better translation. You can do that in the comment section of this entry. Thanks.

  1. Soraya de Haan
    12/05/2012 at 3:52 pm

    It’s difficult to translate, because it’s old Dutch in a formal style. I would translate it in this way, but it’s open for suggestions:
    This station was designed and built by :
    Dr. Ir. Johannes Cornelis de Groot.
    Where major parts, under his leadership
    were produced in this Land and where for the first time
    the Mount Antenna, devised by Him, was used.

    (compliments for the information and photo’s on this website.)

    • 03/07/2012 at 8:53 pm

      Hallo Soraya … thx for your translation. I’m so glad that Dutch people comes to this blog. I hope next year the phrase “Hallo Bandung” would be written in the newspaper again in Holland :)

  2. Bram Dieters
    08/06/2012 at 7:42 pm

    I think (hope) I can help you with a little better translation of the text:

    “This station was designed and built by Dr. Ir. Cornelis Johannes de Groot.
    Important parts (components) were constructed under his management (leadership) here in this country and at which for the first time a by him designed (invented) mountain antenna was being used.”

    Since English is not my native language (I am Dutch) I don’t know if I used the correct English words. So I did put some alternatives between brackets.

    Kind regards,
    Bram Dieters
    The Netherlands

  3. Gamal Soegiono
    07/09/2012 at 3:19 pm

    The translations (Tomita and Bram Dieters) are understandable and quite correct. May I contribute a third version? Here it is:

    On May 5/1923
    Master of Law Dirk Fock
    Governor General of the Netherlands East India
    opened the Radio (telecommunication) Station at the Malabar (mountain complex) for the public (telegram) service.

    This station/plant was designed/constructed and built by
    Dr.Ing. Cornelis Johannes de Groot
    wherby major/essential parts, under his auspices, were manufactured
    in this land (locally) and where, for the first time, a mountain antenna,
    devised by him, was utilized.
    [translation Sep 2012 by g_soegiono@yahoo.co.id]

    (1) The name “Cornelis Johannes de Groot” appears as such on the memorial plate as well as in the original doctor thesis of Dr.Ing. de Groot.
    Other sources use a slightly different writing: “Cornelius”.

    (2) The radio communication station on the Malabar mountain complex was intended, designed and built to
    primarily facilitate a direct radio link in between Netherlands East India
    and The Netherlands
    secondarily facilitate radio links with USA via Cavite/Philipinnes or Hawaii
    with Saigon, The Straits Settlements (Malaysia and Singapore nowadays) and other countries

    (3) the service covered (as per 1923) comprises:
    governmental telegrams (since 1917/18)
    commercial public telegrams (since May 5/1923)

    (4) “telephone over radio” comes into play only after 27 May 1927, where
    Dr. Ir. de Groot successfully established AM transmissions to The Netherlands on 17.4m using the callsign ANH with approx. 10kW (13:25 bis 20:10 UTC).

    (5) The first transmitter building at the Malabar site (station #1) was estabhlished and operated November 1917 (for test transmissions). It was in use until August 1922 where the first arc transmitter (100kW) transfered to station #2.

    The second transmitter building (station #2) was built starting in about 1920 and finished 1923. It housed 4, later 5 Poulsen-Arc-Transmitters and one Telefunken-Alternator-Transmitter. Operating wavelengths fall into the LF/VLF range of frequencies.

    The third transmitter building (station #3) was built starting about 1930 to house 2 HF Valve Transmitters (built by PTT Indonesia) with 80kW power capability.

  4. Johan Nico Vles
    06/08/2016 at 10:39 pm

    The official document regarding De Groot’s birth shows his first name as CORNELIUS, but he called himself CORNELIS. I have a copy of this document in case anybody is interested.

    • 23/03/2018 at 12:36 pm

      Johan Nico Vles : Sorry that I just read your message. The default notification is not sent to my main email. But now it is. Please let me know how to get it. I am interested. My email : tomitapr at gmail dot com

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