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First Meetup for Radio Malabar

Ever since I came to be interested on Radio Malabar, I had been doing it much virtually. I have set my mind on it, so I thought that seeing real people is a must as a proof that I am real :) It was yesterday that eventually I met with Mr. Djaka Rubijanto. He was in charge in Rancaekek receiving station as chief engineer. He was also the one who inisiated a discussion on Radio Malabar. Surprisingly, he invited Mr. Her Suganda, a senior Kompas journalist, the author of the book: “Wisata Parijs van Java” that I have written about here. It’s just so happened that Pak Djaka and Pak Her are related. They are in-law’s parents.

We had lunch at a restaurant next to Pak Djaka’s office :


We talked about Radio Malabar and some plans about it, as Pak Djaka offred me with “an opportunity”. And as we’re waiting for the rain to cease, the chit chat went beyond to everything about Bandung in the old time. Pak Her seems to be resourceful about it.

It was fun. At the same time it marked the future contents of this website with further details on Radio Malabar.


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