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A Break for The 90th Anniversary

20131OK, it’s been quite a long silence here. I admit, ever since I came back from Bali for my office duty, there were so many things that need to be prioritized in my life. Most of all are of my office and teaching job. BUT that does not mean that I stopped thinking and planning about this project. Some development are already in the way which details I could not share here for now. However, the biggest break was that when one day Mr. Djaka called me.

As I have written before, he was a technical chief of Radio Rantjaekek, the receiving side of Radio Malabar. It turned out that Radio Malabar was what initiated the Dutch Government to found an office called PTT. I am not sure of what it stands for, but that would later be the historical background of two known government-owned companies; PT. Telkom & PT. Pos Indonesia. As Mr. Djaka, he is a retirement from PT. Telkom and said to me that the company is possible to finance the 90th anniversary of Radio Malabar next year. That was not a foreign idea to me, but it was quite a nice surprise when there was a way that it could be more than just an idea. Then, at July 22nd, I, Mr. Djaka & Mr. Her Suganda went to PT. Telkom to do some explanation. Their answer was straightforward: that we should put all the idea, plan, and details in a written proposal.

So here I am, started from an entry in my personal blog, it then evolves to something bigger and logically would involve a lot of people. The first thing that came to my mind was that it’s would be out of the question that any company would do the financing to somebody who represents himself or just few people. It has to be from somekind of an organization or committee. Secondly, if the commemoration should take place at May 5th, 2013, it would happen in just one day, but since it now has the possibility of being financed, I have to think bigger, and that is, conceptually speaking, to gain public awareness of Radio Malabar and enhance the area of Gunung Puntang to be a better tourist attraction (that would involve the history of Radio Malabar as one of the objects).

That first thing is what I do now. In fact, I wrote this as I came back from Gunung Puntang with some people with concerns for Gunung Puntang area. I have made some more contacts with known several other communities here in Bandung and that I would invite everybody concerned to a gathering for some discussion. The aim is of course to build a new community with Radio Malabar (and Gunung Puntang) as the focus of interest. I schedule this should take place some time before the fasting month starts now in the mid of July. As for the second, it was something I realized right away that I should in contact with people who had tried to develop the area previously. I didn’t guess it. It was because I knew there were the so-called Festival Gunung Puntang in 2009. I managed to contact and meet them … and some interesting story with this that I would share in the next entry. (Actually, I went to Gunung Puntang this afternoon with them).

That’s it. Yes, update was slow in this blog, but since my teaching period is due for this semester, I should have more time for this blog now. Hopefully I could catch anything that should have been written here.

  1. Soraya de Haan
    03/07/2012 at 10:46 pm

    PTT stands for “Staatsbedrijf der Posterijen, Telegrafie en Telefonie” meaning the state enterprise for Postal services, Telegraphy and Telephony. Nowadays the postal part is called TNT-Post and the telecom part is called KPN (Royal PTT Netherlands).

  2. Emiel Woudstra
    16/04/2013 at 8:01 pm

    Hello I’m will come contact with Tomi T Prakoso
    I.m from Netherlands working in Radio Kootwijk byfor. Now live in Bandung.
    Mijn phon number hire is 081910562809. Im friend of Jan willem udo

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