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A Previous Attemp to Develop Gunung Puntang

As I did some searches on anything related to Radio Malabar, I found this website, tagged ‘Festival Gunung Puntang 2009’. My interest was on that last Dutch Soldier in Gunung Puntang that I have written, but then I also found someone familiar, whom I confirmed later to be my junior high school teacher; Mr. Hilman Firdaus. I did not try to contact him as I didn’t see why I should. Weeks later, however, as Mr. Djaka told me about the possibility that PT. Telkom would finance the commemoration, I was quick to realize that it’s a must that I had to see him. Later on, I also found a contact of someone who seemed to be responsible for the Festival’s blog: Endro Purwanto. I searched through Facebook and it took about two weeks before he replied and gave me his telephone number. Eventually, I managed to see these two gentlemen.

The reason for contacting them is clear. If anyone want to do something to (the ruin of) Radio Malabar, then he/she would have to deal with the area of Gunung Puntang as well. Both are just inseparable. Radio Malabar is within the area of Gunung Puntang. As it happened, there was a previous attempt to arrange for some activities in the area. So I thought it might be a good idea to contact the people in charge for those activities, for some information or insights that might help me planning for the commemoration. This turns out to be something fruitful for cooperation.

A visit to Mr. Hilman's House

Thanks to this era of information, with one way or another I managed to get Mr. Hilman’s cellphone number. I visited his house and explained everything about the plan. He also mentioned that Endro Purwanto was his confidant back then. It only took me a day after that that I came to see Endro Purwanto and his wife in a small cafe. We had a chat and he told me everything about the event he managed 3 years ago. I was quite surprised to learn from his story that the so-called Festival did not actually take place. It was carefully planned and thorough (it took him 2 years of planning) until for some inevitable causes it had to be suspended. Anyway, he still keeps the passion for his old plan, … and so I thought, that’s the point where the ensemble would start, which hopefully would turn into a symphonic orchestra :)

Stopping by to a Sundanese Restaurant on Our Way to Gunung Puntang

We then had a plan to visit Gunung Puntang, and it was on 3rd of July. A day before that, Endro Purwanto gave me a DVD of almost 1 gigabyte of files of all the plan he had drawn before. It was meant to be a festival, so there were lots of events in the plan. Using his words, there were Adventure Motor Offroad, MTB Down Hill, MTB –X Country, BMX Trail, BMX Dirt Jump, Lomba Memasak Anak Rimba (Jungle Cooking Competition), Lomba Foto (Photography Competition), Lomba Model (Modelling Competition), Wall Climbing Open Competition, Jungle Walk, Lari Lintas Alam (Cross Country Running), Lari Rintangan (Running through Barricades), Outbound Competition, Three on Three. They sound very much like it was really intended to make the most of all Gunung Puntang potentials.  From what I can see, he has covered just about anything imaginable. I knew his mind must have been set on it. With his Photoshop mastery, he made everything in detail for all those events … to the point that I feel so darn sorry, why it all should be suspended.

Now that the door is opened, the ball is moving. I still don’t know how the cooperation should roll to, though. For sure, I think it’s not going to be exactly as he had planned. I suppose some further discussion are needed. And that’s what I & Mr. Djaka plan to take place in 12nd this month, involving some other communities with the same concern in history.

These are some of Endro’s image works for his plan, those that related to Radio Malabar :

Poster Prajurit



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