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A Panoramic View around the Ruin

pano-mode-camera-movementWhen Endro Purwanto asked me to go to Gunung Puntang, it was like a great chance to realise what I had in mind since the last time I went there: shooting a panoramic view. I’ve done this before in Bali, but not with my main SLR camera. It was only with a pocket camera, but with a stunning result! … as it has an in-built special grid at the viewfinder that would help me with continuous, frame-binded shooting, either horizontally or vertically. Mine is a Panasonic DMC-FH2.

It was a breeze. I took some series of shots, all of which are workable to be in one panoramic view, but the one that I present here are those that consists of 7 pictures. All are joined together in a row, so that you could have a very wide view of the location. However, unfortunately, I could not just put it here in this blog because the picture is horizontally long. The best way to view it is to download it. The link is here.

Have a click on it, or just take it as if you would download a file, and then you can view it on your computer. It’s really wide.

  1. lux
    11/07/2012 at 7:54 am

    thanks for the panorama, it looks great. Interesting to imagine how the original structure stood on the site

    • 12/07/2012 at 9:07 pm

      lux on: Exactly, .. :) The site now has changed so much that I found it hard to estimate the exact proportion of the building, … it needs some serious archeology :(

  2. trian agung
    20/08/2013 at 12:29 pm

    congratulation to all team member malabar project …


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