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A Meeting with Some Local Communities

Yesterday at Mr. Djaka’s office, we held a meeting with some communities in Bandung with Interest in history. I have contacted some of them in advance of the meeting. Unfortunately not all of them could come to attend. However, those who attended have represented every parties who are supposed to come. They represented; Bandung Heritage, Mahanagari, Komunitas Aleut, STBA Yapari-ABA, Orari, and Bastek.


The goal of the meeting was to achieve common knowledge of what initiated the plan and to discuss whether some kind of organizational body is needed to facilitate the whole plan and arrangement. The latter is the reason why we invited some local communities. We need them to be in the plan and organizing. For the first, I explained the whole story, and this blog was one of the slide I presented. I think they all have the same picture now. The second is a little bit demanding. If it’s going to take form in a legal body, some money and red tape are needed for the process. Luckily, there are some alternatives.

The result of elaboration of the alternatives are going to be one of the topics to be discussed in the next meeting. It is planned to be sometime after the Eid Mubarak day. That’s a month to go and a fasting period for all moslem here. However, I would not just sit still at that time. More interpersonal approaches are already in my schedule, before anything official contact should take place.

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