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Communication 90 Years Afterwards

As usual, there are some developments here in Bandung with the plan, but I only have little time to put them all here. Now I have even started my regular teaching job, leaving me tired by the end of the day. However, should there be chances, I make time for this web. Actually not-updating it is something that bugs me … LoL. Minding that there are things that worth writing.

So let me do it with something trivial. This is what I posted as my Facebook status, as I had contact with Jan Willem using Skype :


I wrote the caption :

“About 90 years ago, telecommunication was so difficult and expensive. It took great effort to build Radio Malabar to enable contact from Gunung Puntang in West Java to Radio Kootwijk in Netherland: an event that should have been recognized and noted in history of Human Communication as the first long-range wireless communication accross two continents.
Just now, I manage to contact Jan-Willem (PA0JWU) who lives only about 200 meters from Radio Kootwijk, using Skype. It was so easy and free (assuming Internet connection, of course). The mode was text, voice, and even video. I had a chat with him for almost an hour.
It turns out that 90 years of human communication history has really made a significant difference … :)”

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