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Day 1: Setting Up for The Special Call

Greeting from Gunung Puntang! At last, after moments and moments of uncertainty now I can say it for sure that the celebration of 90th anniversary of Radio Malabar is really going to take place. Currently I am sitting in one of the huts here where the Amateur Radio event called Special Call is going to be carried out. Yes, originally we planned for some more events for this celebration. However, at due time we couldn’t get enough financial support from the project proposal we have sent, so we had to go the main idea, the focus: the 90 years of Radio Malabar.

At this point, someone next to me saying that the Special Call using CW (morse code) is already running. Some amateur radio stations from all over the world are piling up, while QSOs using the voice mode are waiting for the antenna to get better SWR values. So sorry for this terminologies. It’s amateur radio thingies .. :)

A Morse Code Operator in Action

Caption: A Morse Code Operator in Action


Caption: Getting a Better SWR Value

This is the first day out of three. At 5th of May on 12 GMT (19.00 local time), we are going to perform ‘the most sacred thing of all’ : sending the same message that was originally sent by The Governor General of Dutch Indies in 1923 (Dirk Fock) to the Queen Wilhelmina. The message will be sent in morse code, before which the stations at The Netherland in Kootwijk would send the phrase “Hallo Bandung” three times. After that the station here in Gunung Puntang would respond by sending the message. The callsign for the station in Kootwijk Netherland is PI90PCG, and the one in Gunung Puntang is YE90PK.

I hear from a friend in Netherland that at that moment, there would be a large screen in Kootwijk for audiences comprising local officials, press, TV Stations, and public in general. The exchange of the message in morse code would be translated in alphabet and displayed to the screen. I imagine that this would be of special occasion in Kootwijk.


Caption: One of the HF Transmiter used in the Special Call

Here in Gunung Puntang, we’re just 20 people at max. With the help of Internet (even though it’s not easy to get a decent connection), we hope that people from  over the world would know what we are doing, … We try to put some meanings to the 90 years of wireless communication history, in which Indonesia and the Netherland were really in part of.

  1. Maarten Mulder
    03/05/2013 at 3:39 pm

    Dear Tomita,

    There you are, sitting in a hut on that spot with a long remarkable history in radio communication between our 2 countries. Congratulations! Your efforts are being rewarded now! What a great news….A connection between Gunung Puntang and Kootwijk, this beautiful (in my opinion) building situated in a beautiful scenery here in the Netherlands….I’m not able to attend the happening in Kootwijk but I do hope this event will appear in the news here!
    Good luck to you all over there on that mountain the next few days!

    Best regards from the island of Texel (Netherlands)

  2. Soraya de Haan
    03/05/2013 at 3:41 pm

    Wish you success. Btw the name of the Dutch village is “Radio Kootwijk”.

  3. 03/05/2013 at 9:57 pm

    Any plans for the next two days? I’m planning to go to Gunung Puntang for the main event. Thank You!

    • 05/05/2013 at 12:11 am

      Didit: yes, we will still be doing this communication until 5th of May … please come here.

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