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The First Youtube Video on Kootwijk

I have been wondering just what the situation is outthere in Radio Kootwijk at 5th of May yesterday. Especially as I heard that there would be a lot of people coming to the event. Mrs. Elizabeth van Kampen sent me this link of Youtube video. My curiousity is somewhat answered. Though I hope that there would be more and longer videos depicting the crowd.

The first response as I also post this to Facebook was a giggling surprise that the CW operator was wearing a suit with a tie. While here, Pak Asep (YB1KIZ) was just casual :)

  1. Ron Goossen
    07/05/2013 at 6:57 am

    Hi Tomita,

    There were really a lot of people over here on Sunday. I think that Elizabeth ment that there were 2.000 visitors during the whole day. On the moment we held our CW transmission there were 200 people watching. On the video Elizabeth sent to you, you can already see a lot of people, but I will send you some more pictures on which you can see the happening over here.

    About the CW-operator:

    He was wearing the official uniform of Radio Holland. That was an organization from which boat-companies could hire the equipment and people as a marconist on their boats. Normally he will wear a T-sheart as well! Hi.

    73, Ron

  2. Maarten Mulder
    07/05/2013 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Tomita,

    In The Netherlands there’s a commercial TV station called SBS6. Here is the link with the broadcast video about the event. It starts with a commercial!


    Best regards

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