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The First Youtube Video on Kootwijk

I have been wondering just what the situation is outthere in Radio Kootwijk at 5th of May yesterday. Especially as I heard that there would be a lot of people coming to the event. Mrs. Elizabeth van Kampen sent me this link of Youtube video. My curiousity is somewhat answered. Though I hope that there would be more and longer videos depicting the crowd.

The first response as I also post this to Facebook was a giggling surprise that the CW operator was wearing a suit with a tie. While here, Pak Asep (YB1KIZ) was just casual :)


A Curious Youtube Video

This is the only findable video on youtube that contains ‘Radio Malabar’ in it. Turns out that it’s a trailer for a documentary movie about RM. The creator is an art student named Efan Kusuma Putra and he is on Facebook! Strangely, it’s Evan. Not Efan as in the trailer. However I believe it’s the same person as the supporting profile is matched. I have contact him. I hope he has done the final, full version of the movie.

A Video Trailer by Efan Kusuma Putra
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