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In The Waiting State of Everything

the-thinkerAs always, it has been a long silence since the last entry. However, as usual, it doesn’t mean that I don’t do or, at least, think something about this project. Now, as the tittle suggests, there’s nothing else I could do, but waiting. The last time I finished doing something about this is about the proposal. As soon as I printed it, I had it for some more copies, and sent them to some companies in my list. I even managed to make it in English version so that I am prepared to any opportunities outthere.

So far, there has been one clear response. It’s from the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. I got the news in the mid of December 2012. There was some email exchanges with the secretary of Erasmuis Huis, a cultural organization within the office. However I haven’t got anything new since then. I suppose, it is because of the Christmas and the New Year thing. Again, here I am waiting.

By putting it on this blog, I wonder if there are people who would help me delivering the proposal. It’s supposed to be to somebody or office / company who are interested in taking this project as their CSR program or taking part in funding for this project. Everything is made clear in the proposal. Should there be any, please send your email to me: tomitapr at gmail.com.

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  1. 11/01/2013 at 4:33 pm

    Hi, I am still trying to get more interest for you Blog about Malabar.
    So now on my website an article with photo’s and links, also to Dutch sites, about Malabar.
    There is also under: ‘Most Recommended Links:’ on my site, a special link to your Blog.

    I try as much as possible to write in the English language, but it is clear that it is not my Native language hi …

    I hope my effort will generate more interest in your Blog.

    73 regards Ben de PA2OLD – http://www.pa2old.nl

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