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An Article in Old Danish Publication

Someone from Denmark just sent me an email. Her name is Lise Bock. She said currently she’s working on a book about Danish Radio Factories, and I suppose her browsing has hit this website somehow. She also sent me some page scans of a book containing an article about Radio Malabar. It’s sure in Danish, but she promises me to send me an English translation.

For the sake of documentation, I put all the stuffs here :

Larsen 1950 front pageLarsen 1950 page 183Larsen 1950 page 184

Larsen 1950 page 185Larsen 1950 page 186Larsen 1950 page 301last

I wonder, does the name Absalon Larsen have anything to do with the Larsen Antenna ?


Our T-Shirt in The Netherland

Jan-Willem sent me an email asking if our T-shirt during the May event is still available. Luckily, we still have some left. But it didn’t took fast as I had to contact Agus Gunarso who keep our very last stock. He was quite hard to catch, as his daytime job requires him to go out of town quite often.

So here are Mr. Jan-Willem & Mr. Ron Goossen with the T-Shirt :)



I really like to see them happy with the T-Shirt. A surprising fact I guess, … Ham Radio Operators around the world do collect T-Shirt of Ham Event :))

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