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A Visit to The Netherland Embassy in Jakarta

At Tuesday, 12nd February 2013, three members of The Malabar Project (Myself, Endro Purwanto, and Agus Gunarso) came to visit the Netherland Embassy in Jakarta. That was as a result of quite a few exchanges of email / Facebook messages to just about anyone. There was a time when my searching of contact to the embassy seemed to get stuck. I didn’t know who else to ask for, until I browse through thousands of my Facebook friends, and then I found an old friend when I was a student in Padjadjaran University. She was Myra Junor, and she introduced me to Mrs. Suni at Erasmus Huis, which is a Cultural Center of the Embassy.

The aim of the visit was clear. The Malabar Project asked for support from the Embassy for the commemoration at 3, 4, and 5 of May 2013. We have sent the proposal previously through email, and when we were at the Embassy, we discussed the proposal with the Director of Erasmus Huis: Mr. Ton van Zeeland.


As a result of the discussion, we were asked to revise the proposal and submit it as soon as possible. As I am writing this, the revised proposal is undergoing review. Let’s keep our finger crossed for the success of this event.

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