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Our T-Shirt in The Netherland

Jan-Willem sent me an email asking if our T-shirt during the May event is still available. Luckily, we still have some left. But it didn’t took fast as I had to contact Agus Gunarso who keep our very last stock. He was quite hard to catch, as his daytime job requires him to go out of town quite often.

So here are Mr. Jan-Willem & Mr. Ron Goossen with the T-Shirt :)



I really like to see them happy with the T-Shirt. A surprising fact I guess, … Ham Radio Operators around the world do collect T-Shirt of Ham Event :))

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In The Waiting State of Everything

the-thinkerAs always, it has been a long silence since the last entry. However, as usual, it doesn’t mean that I don’t do or, at least, think something about this project. Now, as the tittle suggests, there’s nothing else I could do, but waiting. The last time I finished doing something about this is about the proposal. As soon as I printed it, I had it for some more copies, and sent them to some companies in my list. I even managed to make it in English version so that I am prepared to any opportunities outthere.

So far, there has been one clear response. It’s from the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. I got the news in the mid of December 2012. There was some email exchanges with the secretary of Erasmuis Huis, a cultural organization within the office. However I haven’t got anything new since then. I suppose, it is because of the Christmas and the New Year thing. Again, here I am waiting.

By putting it on this blog, I wonder if there are people who would help me delivering the proposal. It’s supposed to be to somebody or office / company who are interested in taking this project as their CSR program or taking part in funding for this project. Everything is made clear in the proposal. Should there be any, please send your email to me: tomitapr at

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Communication 90 Years Afterwards

As usual, there are some developments here in Bandung with the plan, but I only have little time to put them all here. Now I have even started my regular teaching job, leaving me tired by the end of the day. However, should there be chances, I make time for this web. Actually not-updating it is something that bugs me … LoL. Minding that there are things that worth writing.

So let me do it with something trivial. This is what I posted as my Facebook status, as I had contact with Jan Willem using Skype :


I wrote the caption :

“About 90 years ago, telecommunication was so difficult and expensive. It took great effort to build Radio Malabar to enable contact from Gunung Puntang in West Java to Radio Kootwijk in Netherland: an event that should have been recognized and noted in history of Human Communication as the first long-range wireless communication accross two continents.
Just now, I manage to contact Jan-Willem (PA0JWU) who lives only about 200 meters from Radio Kootwijk, using Skype. It was so easy and free (assuming Internet connection, of course). The mode was text, voice, and even video. I had a chat with him for almost an hour.
It turns out that 90 years of human communication history has really made a significant difference … :)”

A Panoramic View around the Ruin

pano-mode-camera-movementWhen Endro Purwanto asked me to go to Gunung Puntang, it was like a great chance to realise what I had in mind since the last time I went there: shooting a panoramic view. I’ve done this before in Bali, but not with my main SLR camera. It was only with a pocket camera, but with a stunning result! … as it has an in-built special grid at the viewfinder that would help me with continuous, frame-binded shooting, either horizontally or vertically. Mine is a Panasonic DMC-FH2.

It was a breeze. I took some series of shots, all of which are workable to be in one panoramic view, but the one that I present here are those that consists of 7 pictures. All are joined together in a row, so that you could have a very wide view of the location. However, unfortunately, I could not just put it here in this blog because the picture is horizontally long. The best way to view it is to download it. The link is here.

Have a click on it, or just take it as if you would download a file, and then you can view it on your computer. It’s really wide.

RM in an Old Map

I got this map when I visited Bosscha house at 17 March 2012. There’s no creation date. It’s in Dutch. Someone who have the copy of this map said that the original one was made of an unusual piece of paper; the one that is not tearable and stored in Netherland.


Focusing on RM whereabout : (the megapixel of the original file enables me to zoom in with clarity)

rm focus map

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First Meetup for Radio Malabar

Ever since I came to be interested on Radio Malabar, I had been doing it much virtually. I have set my mind on it, so I thought that seeing real people is a must as a proof that I am real :) It was yesterday that eventually I met with Mr. Djaka Rubijanto. He was in charge in Rancaekek receiving station as chief engineer. He was also the one who inisiated a discussion on Radio Malabar. Surprisingly, he invited Mr. Her Suganda, a senior Kompas journalist, the author of the book: “Wisata Parijs van Java” that I have written about here. It’s just so happened that Pak Djaka and Pak Her are related. They are in-law’s parents.

We had lunch at a restaurant next to Pak Djaka’s office :


We talked about Radio Malabar and some plans about it, as Pak Djaka offred me with “an opportunity”. And as we’re waiting for the rain to cease, the chit chat went beyond to everything about Bandung in the old time. Pak Her seems to be resourceful about it.

It was fun. At the same time it marked the future contents of this website with further details on Radio Malabar.

Another Mention on Being The Biggest

I keep wondering of how Radio Malabar should be placed in the context of history of wireless communication development. While it seems to be ignored, there are some books that do mention its existence in the past. One of them is Lewis Coe’s that I found this morning. Tried to find its full ebooks here and there, but nowhere is to be found. So at least here, I put it as a documentation that there is such book.

The cover :
wr02The part of the book that mentions Radio Malabar :


As far as the search goes on, later it might be interesting to enlist radio stations in the world along the history in term of its output power /size / capacity.
There are more books with mention on Radio Malabar. I will write about them here as different entry.

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